Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I order a gift certificate?

A:  Electronic gift codes can be purchased directly from our website and sent to anyone with a valid e-mail address. Our system is designed to administer all gift codes through our website for the purchase, distribution, tracking, and redemption of all valid electronic gift codes.

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my seafood order?

A:  Most orders are filled and ship from our Boston facility within 2 business days (M-F) of order placement. For all orders containing live lobsters, the only option for delivery is Priority Mail Express to ensure quality freshness and shelf life - which is next day or 2nd day delivery from the shipment date. For all other orders, guests will have the option to choose Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail - which is two/three day delivery from shipment date. Our shopping pages and shopping cart provide estimated delivery date ranges based upon these shipping parameters. You can also check the tracking ID number assigned to your order by our shipping partner. Please review our Terms and Conditions page regarding shipping policies for more information.  

Q: What days are available for shipping?

A: All orders will be shipped directly from our Boston facility Monday through Thursday with the exception of nationally recognized holidays. Please keep in mind any orders containing live lobsters will need to be placed at least 3-4 business days in advance of expected delivery date with Priority Mail Express - which is next day or 2nd day delivery from the shipment date. Orders without live lobsters can choose Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail - which is two/three day delivery from shipment date.

Q: How are my seafood orders packaged?

A: Our packaging complies with all FDA requirements for the proper shipping of live, fresh and frozen seafood items. Your order will be packaged in a 1-½ inch thick foam cooler, which has excellent ratings for durability and temperature control throughout the transit process. All items inside the coolers are expertly packed with FDA approved materials for food safety and convenience for proper storage after delivery. Reusable ice gel packs are included in each package to ensure temperature control throughout transit. We do not use dry ice under any circumstances due to environmental and safety concerns.

Q: How can I track my seafood package after I have ordered it?

A: Each order is assigned a unique tracking code that is included in your order confirmation email. Please check your spam folder if your order confirmation email does not appear in your inbox within two hours after completing your order.  

Q: Do I need to be at home when my delivery arrives?

A: In order to ensure a fresh, high-quality seafood delivery, we highly recommend being present when your order is scheduled to arrive. Upon receipt, all seafood items should be immediately refrigerated to ensure quality freshness and shelf life after delivery. Customers who choose “Release by Signature” within the ‘Add a note to your order’ text field during checkout must have an adult available to receive and sign for their order during the scheduled delivery day and location. For additional information, please refer to our Shipping and Handling policies.


Q: How long will my seafood last in the fridge?

A: This is highly dependent on the type of seafood included in your order. Fish fillets, scallops, shellfish, live lobsters and lobster meat vary in shelf life. Please consult the label on each item for the “use by” or “freeze by” date. Fresh seafood items stored in vacuum sealed bags are expected to remain fresh for 4-5 days after delivery if the temperature remains 40 degrees Fahrenheit or cooler at all times.

Q: My lobsters look like they’re almost dead. Are they still good to cook?

A: Yes!! Live lobsters appear weak and lethargic when out of their saltwater tanks for an extended period of time. We expertly pack and ship each order with gel ice packs to promote temperature control during transit. All lobster orders are delivered via next day or two day delivery to help ensure they are live upon arrival. We recommend all lobsters in your order are cooked the day you receive or stored in your refrigerator with a thin, damp cloth over them for no more than 12 hours before cooking. Expert tip: lobsters should never be stored in water. See proper care, handling, etc. for more information.

Q: Does Constitution Seafoods ship overseas?

A: We currently ship to the 48 states in the continental U.S. (excludes Alaska and Hawaii).

Q: How can you tell if live shellfish has gone bad?

A: Live shellfish such as mussels, clams, and oysters should be stored under 40 degrees Fahrenheit until ready to be cooked or consumed. In accordance with proper care and storage, live shellfish should be safe to cook or consume 4 to 5 days after delivery. Any shellfish whose shells have separated apart enough to be able to view the meat between them should be discarded.

Q: Does Constitution Seafoods ship wholesale orders?

A: For your questions regarding wholesale orders, please visit the wholesale section of our website and fill out our short web inquiry form.