Terms of Service

  1. To request that an order be released by signature upon delivery from our shipping partner(s), the purchaser must clearly indicate this request within the ‘Add a note to your order’ text field at the order checkout. This request will require an adult person 18 years old or older to be present and available at the recipient’s address to sign and receive the order on the day of delivery.

  2. It is the responsibility of the original purchaser to notify and confirm orders with a gift recipient regarding the date of delivery for any order being sent as a gift. Constitution Seafoods, Inc. is not responsible whatsoever for orders that have been delivered on the scheduled date to the specified delivery location without an adult person available to receive the package.  

  3. Constitution Seafoods, Inc. reserves the right at its sole discretion to change shipping and/or delivery dates due to any circumstances which may include, but are not limited to:

      1. Inclement weather

      2. Holiday or seasonal constraints for the shipper

      3. Labor-related disruptions for the shipper

      4. Delays and/or disruptions to normal delivery routes

  4. Lost, damaged, or defective packages must be reported to service@constitutionseafood.com within 24 hours past delivered date to be eligible to file a claim.

  5. Contents of each package should be removed from the delivery carton and verified for order accuracy and proper storing and handling immediately upon arrival. Any indication of defective product, defective or damaged product packaging, or inaccuracy of items received must be reported to service@constitutionseafood.com within 24 hours past delivered date to be eligible to file a claim.

  6. Customers and recipients of seafood packages are expected to carefully read and understand the Care and Handling instructions that accompany each seafood package. Constitution Seafoods, Inc. is not liable for defective products that have been improperly handled and/or stored after delivery.

Returns and Claims >

  1. All requests for product returns, credits, and claims for missing or damaged shipments must be made to service@constitutionseafood.com within 24 hours of delivery date.

  2. Returns, credits, and claim requests must be accompanied with at least one photo that provides adequate visual evidence of the reason for the return, credit, or claim.

  3. Constitution Seafoods, Inc. reserves the right to deny any requests for refunds, credits, exchanges, and/or claims on any seafood items which cannot be determined to pose a health risk for human consumption.

Cancellation Policy >

  1. All order cancellations must be requested at least 24 hours before your scheduled shipping date.  Orders scheduled to be filled within 24 hours of their shipping date are not eligible for refund or cancellation.

  2. Order cancellations must be requested through our customer service e-mail address at service@constitutionseafood.com.  Please include “Order Cancellation” followed by your order confirmation number in the subject line.

  3. Our customer service team will respond to all eligible order cancellations and coordinate refunds accordingly. Any questions or concerns regarding an order cancellation refund can be directed to service@constitutionseafood.com.