Wholesale Inquiries

To connect with us to set up a new wholesale account, simply fill out the form with your contact information and account details. At Constitution Seafoods we are always eager to assist new and existing establishments with all their questions and seafood needs!

Like our fish, responsibility comes naturally. We are a small, honest business who, unlike many of our larger competitors, do not mislabel seafood for financial gain.

In an ever-changing and growing market, we understand the peaks and valleys of food costs, and take the time to match each product with the needs of your menu as well as your budget. Whether fresh, frozen, local, domestic or imported, let New England’s own Constitution Seafoods be your one stop shop for all of your seafood needs!

We are located in the heart of South Boston’s historic seaport district allowing for easy access to deliveries around the Greater Boston region. Our state-of-the-art processing facility complies with the utmost standards for all state and federal guidelines in addition to being HACCP certified.

We offer a no-charge delivery service (dependent on order quantity and delivery location) that is available Monday thru Saturday and give you added peace of mind with the ability to place last minute and emergency orders, ensuring that your establishment continues to run smoothly and effortlessly.

We are dedicated to maintaining compliance and following best practices in our FDA approved, HACCP certified facility.